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Momentum for Change Lighthouse Activities

The 2019 winners of the UN Global Climate Action Award are shining examples of climate change action underway around the world. Each of the 15 activities touches on one of four areas: action that fosters women’s leadership, action that unlocks climate finance, action that balances the need for both human health and a healthy planet and action that achieved climate neutrality. Together, the 2019 Lighthouse Activities are helping communities, cities, businesses, governments and institutions move towards a low-carbon, highly resilient future. 

The award-winning projects range from an in-app mini-program that's helped [lant 122 million trees, to a "climate positive" burger that's taking the fast food industry by storm. Other projects include a women-led project that generates clean energy from the ocean, harnessing the power of waves, and Quebec international climate finance program, which is uniquely funded by the province's own carbon market.  

Click here to see a full list of winners. 

The 2019 winning activities are shining examples of climate action
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