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Momentum for Change Lighthouse Activities

The 2018 Momentum for Change Lighthouse Activities are shining examples of climate change action underway around the world. Each of the 15 activities touches on one of four areas: action that fosters women’s leadership, action that unlocks climate finance, action that balances the need for both human health and a healthy planet and action that achieved climate neutrality. Together, the 2018 Lighthouse Activities are helping communities, cities, businesses, governments and institutions move towards a low-carbon, highly resilient future.

Winning activities include:
  • Creating the Greenest Football Club in the World - Forest Green Rovers | United Kingdom: The Forest Green Rovers are bringing eco-thinking, sustainable living, and renewable technology to football fans.
  • Catalytic Finance Initiative | Global: Bank of America is working with partners to mobilize approximately USD 10 billion for innovative and high-impact climate mitigation and sustainability-focused investments.
  • Santiago Biofactory | Chile: Water utility company, Aguas Andinas, is transforming Santiago’s three wastewater treatment plants into “biofactories” that convert wastewater and sewer sludge, a wastewater treatment byproduct, into clean energy.
  • Carbon Neutral Government Program | Canada: In 2010, British Columbia became the first government at the provincial, territorial, or state level in North America to take 100% responsibility for its greenhouse gas pollution.
  • Sri Lanka Mangrove Conservation Project | Sri Lanka: Seacology, a nonprofit environmental conservation organization, is helping Sri Lanka become the first nation in history to preserve and replant all of its mangrove forests.

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Other winners include a financial corporation in South Africa that leveraged private-sector capital to develop and construct the world’s first large-scale concentrated solar power plant; a credit card company in South Korea where users are rewarded with points when they act sustainably; and, an easy-to-use ICT tool to help farmers make climate-smart decisions in Colombia and Honduras.

Further winners include the first winery in California to operate on 100% renewable energy, and a company that brings solar energy to remote medical centers in Africa, which in turn helps save lives during childbirth.

The 2018 Lighthouse Activities are shining examples of climate action
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